Watu Goyang: The Hidden Gem of East Java

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Are you tired of the typical tourist destinations in Indonesia? Do you want to experience something new and exciting? Then, come and visit Watu Goyang, a hidden gem located in East Java. In this article, we will take a closer look at what makes Watu Goyang so special and why you should add it to your travel bucket list.

What is Watu Goyang?

Watu Goyang is a unique rock formation located in Pacitan, a regency in East Java. The name “Watu Goyang” comes from the Javanese language, which means “rock that sways.” The rock formation is made up of two large rocks that are balanced on top of each other, with the bottom rock appearing to be swaying.

How to Get There

Getting to Watu Goyang can be a bit of a challenge, as it is located in a remote area. The best way to get there is by renting a car or motorcycle from Pacitan and driving to the site. The journey will take you through scenic countryside and small villages, giving you a glimpse of traditional Javanese life.

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What to Expect

When you arrive at Watu Goyang, you will be greeted by the stunning sight of the two rocks balancing on top of each other. The rocks are surrounded by lush greenery, making it a picturesque spot for taking photos. You can also climb up to the top of the rocks for a panoramic view of the surrounding area.

History and Legend

Watu Goyang has a rich history and legend behind it. According to local folklore, the rock formation was created by a giant named Joko Lelono, who threw the rocks into the air during a fight with another giant. The rocks landed perfectly on top of each other, creating the unique formation we see today.

Another legend tells the story of a princess who was cursed to become a stone. The princess’ father, a powerful king, was able to break the curse by throwing a rock at her. The rock split into two and landed on top of each other, creating Watu Goyang.

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Activities to Do

Aside from taking photos and admiring the view, there are several activities you can do at Watu Goyang. You can go rock climbing, hiking, or even camping overnight. The area is also popular for birdwatching, as it is home to several species of birds.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Watu Goyang is during the dry season, which runs from May to October. During this time, the weather is pleasant, and the skies are clear, making it the perfect time for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Where to Stay

If you plan on staying overnight, there are several options available. You can camp at the site itself or stay at one of the homestays in the nearby village. The homestays offer basic accommodation and are a great way to experience local hospitality and cuisine.

Other Attractions in Pacitan

Pacitan has several other attractions worth visiting, such as the beautiful Klayar Beach, the stunning Gong Cave, and the scenic Teleng Ria Beach. If you have time, make sure to explore these places as well.

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Final Thoughts

Watu Goyang is a unique and beautiful destination in East Java that is worth visiting. Its stunning rock formation, rich history, and surrounding natural beauty make it a must-see for anyone traveling to Indonesia. So, if you’re looking for a hidden gem off the beaten path, add Watu Goyang to your travel itinerary.



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