Travel Jombang Malang: Exploring the Best of East Java

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East Java is one of the most beautiful parts of Indonesia, with its incredible landscapes, rich culture, and friendly locals. If you’re looking for an adventure, why not explore the region by traveling from Jombang to Malang? This journey will take you through some of the most stunning scenery in the area, and you’ll have the chance to experience the unique culture of East Java.

Getting There

The best way to travel from Jombang to Malang is by car or motorbike. If you’re not comfortable driving yourself, you can hire a driver or take a taxi. The journey takes around two hours, and you’ll pass through some beautiful countryside on the way. There are also public buses that run between the two cities, but they can be crowded and uncomfortable.

Exploring Jombang

Jombang is a small city located in the middle of East Java. It’s a great place to start your journey, as there are plenty of things to see and do here. One of the highlights of Jombang is the Tomb of Sunan Bonang, a famous Islamic scholar who lived in the area in the 16th century. The tomb is an important pilgrimage site for Muslims, and it’s also a beautiful example of traditional Javanese architecture.

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Another must-see attraction in Jombang is the Candi Sukuh temple. This ancient temple dates back to the 15th century, and it’s one of the most unique examples of Javanese Hindu architecture. The temple is located on the slopes of Mount Lawu, and it offers incredible views of the surrounding countryside.

Discovering Malang

Malang is a larger city than Jombang, and it’s known for its vibrant culture and beautiful architecture. One of the best things to do in Malang is to explore the city’s colonial history. The Dutch colonizers left their mark on the city, and you can see their influence in the many beautiful buildings that still stand today.

One of the most famous colonial-era buildings in Malang is the Hotel Tugu. This beautiful hotel was built in the 19th century, and it’s now a popular destination for tourists who want to experience the city’s history and culture. The hotel has a museum that showcases traditional Javanese art and artifacts, and it’s a great place to learn more about the area’s rich cultural heritage.

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Enjoying the Scenery

One of the best things about traveling from Jombang to Malang is the incredible scenery you’ll see along the way. The journey takes you through some of the most beautiful countryside in East Java, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stop and take in the views.

One of the most popular stops along the way is the Coban Rondo waterfall. This stunning waterfall is located just outside of Malang, and it’s a great place to take a break and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.


If you’re looking for an adventure in East Java, traveling from Jombang to Malang is a great way to explore the region. From the ancient temples of Jombang to the colonial architecture of Malang and the stunning scenery along the way, there’s something for everyone on this journey. So pack your bags and get ready to experience the best of East Java!

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