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Jogja, a cultural city located in the heart of Java Island, is one of the most popular destinations for both domestic and international tourists. If you have limited time, you can still enjoy the beauty of Jogja by taking a one-day package tour. In this article, we will discuss the best one-day tour packages in Jogja for 2018.

1. Borobudur Sunrise Tour

Start your day early with the Borobudur Sunrise Tour. You will witness the breathtaking view of the sunrise over the magnificent Borobudur Temple. This tour also includes a visit to the nearby Mendut and Pawon Temples. Enjoy the scenic view of the rice fields and the traditional village on the way back to the city.

2. Merapi Lava Tour

If you are looking for an adventurous tour, the Merapi Lava Tour is perfect for you. You will ride a Jeep to explore the Merapi Volcano, which is still active. You will see the remains of the recent eruption and learn about the local people’s struggle in coping with the disaster. This tour also includes a visit to the Prambanan Temple, one of the largest Hindu temples in Southeast Asia.

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3. City Tour

Explore the city of Jogja and its rich cultural heritage through the City Tour. Visit the Kraton, the Sultan’s Palace, and learn about the Javanese royal tradition. You will also visit the Taman Sari Water Castle, a former royal garden, and the Batik Museum, where you can see the process of making traditional Javanese batik. This tour ends with a visit to the famous Malioboro Street, where you can buy souvenirs and enjoy the local food.

4. Jomblang Cave Tour

Discover the hidden beauty of Jogja through the Jomblang Cave Tour. You will descend into the cave and see the heavenly light coming from the hole on the roof of the cave. This tour also includes a visit to the nearby Grubug Cave and the Timang Beach, where you can try the thrilling gondola ride to cross the sea.

5. Pindul Cave Tubing Tour

Experience the fun and excitement of tubing inside the Pindul Cave. You will float down the underground river, surrounded by the stunning stalactites and stalagmites. This tour also includes a visit to the nearby Goa Jomblang Cave and the Indrayanti Beach, where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful view.

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6. Timang Beach Tour

If you are seeking for a romantic tour, the Timang Beach Tour is perfect for you. You will see the stunning view of the sea and the rocky cliffs. You can also try the thrilling gondola ride to cross the sea and reach the small island. This tour also includes a visit to the nearby Pindul Cave and the Mangunan Fruit Garden, where you can pick and taste the fresh fruits.

7. Sunset Tour

End your day with the Sunset Tour and witness the stunning view of the sunset from the scenic hill. You will visit the famous Parangtritis Beach, where you can enjoy the sea breeze and the waves. This tour also includes a visit to the nearby Imogiri Royal Cemetery, where you can see the traditional Javanese burial site.

In conclusion, there are many one-day tour packages that you can choose to enjoy the beauty of Jogja. Each tour offers a unique experience and a different perspective on the rich culture and nature of Jogja. Make sure to book your tour in advance and enjoy your trip to Jogja!

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